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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AUTOTRACK work in other cities?

Yes, AUTOTRACK will provide you service nation wide however for repair or any other technical activity the vehicle must report to Karachi office.

AUTOTRACK, nation wide, Karachi office

Will my insurance company offer me a discount if I have AUTOTRACK installed in my vehicle?

When you have AUTOTRACK installed we will issue you an installation Certificate that you will provide it to your insurance company that will provide you with insurance discount for further information please contact our sales department.

Insurance, sales department, Installation Certificate

For how long is AUTOTRACK product under warranty?

If under 12 months the product becomes inoperative or is reason of defective components or workmanship AUTOTRACK will repair or replace the system free of charge. This warranty does not apply if the device has been tampered with, or worked on by anyone other than AUTOTRACK authorized personnel of if the vehicle has met an accident.

Warranty, authorized person

Can AUTOTRACK be installed in all vehicles?

Yes the equipment can be installed in all the known vehicles on our roads.

Instalation, vehicle, registration

Can anyone other than my self have access to my device?

Yes only if you have provided any other person with your password or is a registered secondary user.

Access,password, secondary user

Does my vehicle have any security identifying features?

No features that could identify that there is any tracking device installed is extremely dangerous and strictly not advised which could endanger the lives of the passenger.

Security, tracking device

Can my device be transferred from my one vehicle to another?

Yes you can get it the device transferred from one vehicle to another only transfer charges may apply.

Transfer, vehicle, charges

What happens if my vehicle battery gets disconnected?

In this case a call will be made to the customer informing him of the event if the customer fails to respond or does not accept that he has touched the battery the vehicle is locked and our recovery team is dispatched. To avoid any false alarms which may cause embarrassment and inconvenience pre inform our control room before the car is sent for workshop etc is essential.

Battery, contact us, control room

When should I get my AUTOTRACK equipment checked?

However the unit does not require any service but when the there has been any work done on the vehicle or AUTOTRACK ask to bring your vehicle for inspection please respond without any delay for service.

Equipment, inspection, support, service, problem

Does AUTOTRACK have any effect on my vehicles battery?

Our new products are certified for low current consumption. However there can be some complaint of abnormal battery drain, if you have also installed extra electrical accessories in your vehicle please upgrade to a higher ampere battery to handle the extra load and avoid battery drain problems in either way please call our CS for further assistance/ advice.

Vehicles,battery, drain problems.

How long can my Vehicle battery remain charged if I am not using my vehicle?

In order for tracking device to keep alive and the battery to remain charged it is required that in subsequent days at least 3 to 4 Km the vehicle may be driven with AC and other accessories off to get optimal charge to the battery.

Battery, optimal charge, keep alive