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About Us

Satellite Tracking Solutions (Pvt.) ltd is a company specializing in advance electronic identification, automation and tracking solutions.

Satellite Tracking Solutions in association with Samsung and Optimum technology, offers a complete range of products and services including tracking for individuals as well as fleets for small and large companies. Our trademark product AUTOTRACK® incorporates an array of impressive theft prevention features and works with GPS to give superior accuracy in the location of the vehicle.

We are a company dedicated to providing quality and reliable systems as well as giving unsurpassed customer service to our customers. We believe in integrity, honesty and dependability.


Satellite Tracking Solutions is an innovative company with a vision to provide a large undersupplied market with security of their most valuable assets. With a huge portion of the eastern and Asian countries in need of an economical and reliable solution for security,
AUTOTRACK® is growing quickly and gaining instant popularity within the wholesale and retail markets.In Karachi alone, vehicle theft and snatching cost it’s citizens and companies hundreds of millions of rupees yearly and also takes hundreds of precious lives. AUTOTRACK® is eager to play an important role in the drastic reduction of the increasing theft and damage against individual and company vehicles. With so many citizens hopeless and fearful for their own security and well-being, we are proud to provide a modern and fool-proof system designed to end innocent victims worry and anguish. A huge portion of these losses could be prevented if our systems are installed in these vehicles.We strive to be one of the market leaders, known for our innovative quality products and truly affordable complete security solutions which are backed up with first-class customer service and infrastructure.

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